Population Alerting and Public Warning System (PWS)

Multi-channel population alerting solution in accordance with EECC, Article 110

The F24 solution enables you to:

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Be prepared for every kind of hazard

Whatever kind of management or approval structure you have, you can either activate predefined alert plans that operate at the touch of a button or flexibly create effective individual alert plans for specific situations.
You can even train your staff in a simulation environment to be ready for any kind of emergency.

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Alert the population as soon as danger looms

Alert the risk area population by combining various alerting channels such as:

  • Cell Broadcast
  • Location-based SMS
  • Mass eMail
  • Social Media, mobile Apps, websites, feeds
  • Voice messages
  • TV, radio, sirens, digital signage

Monitor alarms in real-time and report results

Using powerful rights management, stakeholders can monitor multiple situations in real time on a dashboard or laid out on a map.

Various statistics and reports can be exported automatically.

Our solution adapts easily to your specific requirements



Hosted in your own country as an on-premises, hybrid-cloud or public cloud setup.



A comprehensive solution that can be straightforwardly customised to your own unique needs, including aspects such as powerful rights management.

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From local authorities to national level, the seamless collaboration of multiple institutions enables a truly efficient response.



Using CAP standard and powerful APIs, the F24 Solution easily integrates with your own systems.



Contact the required people immediately by combining various media: Cell Broadcast, Location-based SMS, Mass email etc.

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Security Standards

The F24 solution was developed and is continually monitored entirely in Europe. Regular audits certify that the highest security standards are being adhered to.

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“Fast and reliable warning of our population is essential for us to save lives in catastrophes like the flood in July 2021. The F24 solution is supporting us in a very reliable and easy to handle manner.”

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>19.5 Mio notifications have been sent within the first half year of 2021 via BE-Alert

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7 real alarms were sent on average every day in 2020

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Roughly 1,400 regions, cities, emergency services and police stations are connected to BE-Alert

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>6,000 users work with BE-Alert – with specific rights and functionalities

Other public organisations are supported in countries like:

About F24

F24 is Europe’s leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider for incident and crisis management, emergency notification, as well as for business messaging. The F24 SaaS solution FACT24 provides a highly innovative solution that supports clients worldwide in the efficient and successful management of incidents, emergencies and full-blown crises. The product portfolio is further complemented by Public Warning Solutions. In addition, the eCall platform provides solutions for high-volume confidential communications within the corporate environment.

Founded in 2000, the headquarters of the F24 Group is in Munich, Germany. Along with its subsidiaries, F24 supports more than 3,000 companies and public organisations in more than a hundred countries around the globe.

F24 solutions provide a highly innovative platform to support customers all over the world in successfully and efficiently managing incidents, emergencies and critical situations – before, during and after a crisis.

Recommended by Gartner alongside multiple ISO certifications

In 2010, the F24 Group became the first company in the world to be certified by ‘The British Standards Institution’ (BSI) for its integrated information security (ISMS) and business continuity (BCMS) management systems. F24 AG and the majority of its subsidiaries are ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 22301 certified. In addition, several subsidiaries are ISO 9001 certified.

F24 AG is the first and only European company listed in the Gartner report for emergency/mass notification services (EMNS).

“Our solutions enable you to save lives and values!”

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